Living with Manchildren...and the Hubster


Living with Manchildren…and the Hubster is the author's feminine view of living in an all-guy household.

Living with The Hubster

ISBN-10: 1496056035

The Hubster is the light of columnist Judy Watts' life. He's also the banjo playing, harmonica blowing and sailboat sailing captain of her daily ship.

The Diary-- A Charleston Chase Mystery



The Diary--A Charleston Chase Mystery, follows Jack Chase and Sarah Singleton as they follow the clues in a Civil War diary.

Jack Chase returns to Charleston to unravel the mystery surrounding a recently discovered statue. During renovations at the College of Charleston campus, a centuries-old statue is found behind a wall along with a trunk filled with Civil War artifiacts, jewelry and--and a  diary.

The diary leads Chase and Singleton to some of Charleston, South Carolina's most historic, and sometimes haunting, locations as the two search for answers to the statue's mystery, a priceless treasure, and links to their own pasts.

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Living with Wieners... and Guys, too


Living with Wieners...and Guys, too is Judy's humorous persepctive on successfully living with The Hubster, two manchildren and three wiener dogs.


The collection is the right read for anyone who knows what it's like to be owned by their pets.

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